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Morocco Under Electric Car Makers Radars for Battery Production

Morocco has emerged as a major player in the worldwide battery production business, notably in Europe, which is striving to build a domestic supply chain for electric vehicles, as the German Volkswagen and major electric cars producers are eyeing the Kingdom for this purpose.

This development comes as China intends to establish plants in Morocco, according to Sebastian Wolf, chief of operations for Volkswagen’s battery section.

Wolf emphasized the lack of an integrated battery supply chain in Europe, saying: “For the time being, let’s be honest, the establishment of the LFP battery supply chain is taking place in Morocco rather than Europe.”

This discovery shows the enormous battery technological gap between Europe and China, which has been exacerbated by government incentives provided by the United States and Canada. 

Morocco has certain characteristics that make it an appealing location for battery production. 

The country has an abundance of phosphate resources, which are required for LFP batteries, and is strategically placed near Europe, making it perfect for supplying the European markets. 

It has beneficial trade agreements in place, which increase its appeal to multinational enterprises.

CNGR, a Chinese battery component maker, has collaborated with a Moroccan investment fund to construct a big manufacturing facility near Jorf Lasfar. 

The multibillion-dollar initiative seeks to begin producing battery materials by 2025 to alleviate Europe’s electric vehicle supply chain shortfall.

Several other Chinese businesses, notably BTR New Material Group in Tanger Tech and Gotion High-Tech, which intends to build a “Gigafactory” in Kénitra, are also investing in Morocco’s lithium-ion battery sector.