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Armenia Recognizes State of Palestine

The Republic of Armenia on Friday officially recognized the State of Palestine, increasing the number of United Nations member States recognizing Palestinian statehood to 149 out of 193.

“Reaffirming our commitment to international law and the principles of equality, sovereignty, and peaceful coexistence of peoples, the Republic of Armenia recognizes the State of Palestine”, the Armenian Foreign Affairs Ministry said in a press release.

Armenia categorically rejects “the targeting of civilian infrastructure, violence against the civilian population and the hostage-taking of civilians during armed conflict, [and that it is] joining the international community’s demands for their unconditional release”, the same source added.


It underlined that “the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Gaza and the ongoing military conflict are among the primary issues on the international political agenda that require settlement”.

It also noted that Armenia has joined the resolutions of the UN General Assembly calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, given that the “two-state solution is the only way to ensure that both Palestinians and Israelis can fulfill their legitimate aspirations.”

Hussein al-Sheikh, the Secretary-General of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), “welcomed” Armenia’s decision that is “in accordance with international law and international legitimacy.”

“This is a victory for right, justice, legitimacy and the struggle of our Palestinian people for liberation and independence,” al-Sheikh wrote on X (formerly Twitter). “Thank you, our friend Armenia.”

In late May, Spain, Ireland, and Norway also officially recognized the State of Palestine.