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Morocco Breaks Record in Asparagus Export

Morocco has broken its own record for fresh asparagus exports for the fourth straight season after exporting 320 tons between November 2022 and March 2024, outstripping the previous season’s figure of 260 tons for the same timeframe, according to East Fruit.

Morocco has progressively increased its fresh asparagus exports in recent years, despite overall volume remaining low. 

The supply season for Moroccan asparagus has been gradually extended. While peak levels were generally reached between January and March, the last two years have seen sales rates remain strong until the end of May.

Morocco primarily targets the EU market for asparagus exports, capitalizing on the early start of the season to acquire a competitive advantage.

Spain is the leading importer of Moroccan asparagus, using it for internal consumption and re-exporting to other countries.

Belgium received more than half of Morocco’s exports of asparagus during this season.

Spain contributes another third of exports, with smaller proportions going to France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

Morocco has also been looking into other markets in the Middle East for its asparagus. Although exports to this region are still very low, there has been some improvement by selling this product to Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan.