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Nador Prison Clarifies Facts Regarding Deaths of Two Inmates

Nador’s local prison authority has flatly refuted recent reports surfacing on several outlets about recent inmate fatalities at the facility. These charges stated that one detainee’s death was caused by “purported violence” administered by prison officials, and that another Guinean detainee’s death was caused by neglect.

In an official statement, the jail administration revealed that the first reported death was that of a 72-year-old inmate with the initials “S.B.” This individual died at a hospital subsequent to emergency treatment while unconscious.

It was discovered that this particular inmate had been transported to off-site hospitals on multiple occasions, the most recent transfer of which occurred on April 24, 2024, due to a substantial deterioration of his overall health.

Contrary to the charges of violence, the administration stated that the deceased inmate was never brought to the prison hospital, and that the ensuing autopsy found no traces of physical trauma to his body. The administration emphatically repudiated as false the allegations of violence.

Regarding the death of a Guinean inmate, the administration revealed that it occurred on October 29, 2023. The individual had been hospitalized at the provincial hospital in Nador on October 26, 2023, due to digestive problems.

The source also emphasized that the inmate had undergone multiple medical evaluations and transfers to other facilities, thereby disputing allegations of neglect regarding his care.