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Moroccan Journalist Fatima Loukili Passes Away at 67

Fatima Loukili, a Moroccan journalist, TV host, scriptwriter, and actress, succumbed to cancer at the age of 67 in Casablanca on Tuesday morning.

Recognized for her major contributions to Moroccan media, Loukili was one of the first female journalists to create and host a political show on TV. Despite her lengthy battle with cancer, she proceeded with her professional career simultaneously.

Following the completion of her university studies in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Loukili embarked upon her journalism career at Medi 1 Radio in 1982. She eventually worked for the Moroccan Public Broadcasting Company (SNRT) before joining 2M, where she excelled as director of the Information Department.

Besides her successful journalism career, Loukili had pursued another artistic venture, creating scripts for TV films before devoting herself to cinema as a screenwriter and actress.

While making significant strides in journalism, Loukili never abandoned her love for cinema. She wrote scripts and appeared in several films, notably collaborating with directors such as Farida Belyazid in “A Door to the Sky” (1986), “Casablanca, Casablanca” (2002), as well as with Jilali Ferhati in “The Beach of Lost Children” (1991), and “Memories in Detention” (2003) among others.

She also headed the National Film Production Assistance Fund from 2019 to 2020.

Loukili, in addition, served on the jury for the 2022 Documentary Film Festival on Sahrawi-Hassani Culture and History in Laayoune, as well as having received an award at the Tangier National Film Festival’s previous edition.