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Years of Culture Qatar-Morocco 2024 Kicks Off with Royal Berber Jewelry Exhibition

The Qatar-Morocco Cultural Year 2024 initiative, a cultural exchange project, launched a special exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha featuring Berber jewelry from the Royal Palace, in acknowledgment of the shared cultural heritage and the exceptional ties uniting the two countries and peoples.

The collection, consisting of 200 pieces of historical and cultural significance, offers an in-depth depiction of Morocco’s different regions and ethnic groups, ranging from the Atlas Mountains to the southern provinces.

For the first time, this palace’s collection is being exhibited outside of Morocco, providing a unique glimpse into Moroccan culture.

The exhibition, which runs until May 20, 2024, focuses on silver jewelry in particular, a vital component of the ongoing display, and pays tribute to talented Moroccan artists both male and female who have played a pivotal role in preserving cultural traditions.

The items displayed demonstrate an array of techniques, styles, and materials, reflecting the regional features of Morocco’s major jewelry manufacturing regions.

The collection displays the Kingdom’s rich cultural legacy, highlighting the artistic skills involved in wirework, inlay, and the use of materials such as coral, amber, glass, beads, and coins.

The show, coordinated by Adel El Fakir, General Commissioner of the Qatar-Morocco 2024 Cultural Exchange, is a collaboration between the National Foundation of Museums of the Kingdom of Morocco and the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha.

In 2024, Qatar designated Morocco as its cultural partner under the Years of Culture initiative, aiming to improve relations between the two nations and their people. The year-long program will feature 80 major art exhibitions, festivals, and cultural events in both countries.