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Marrakech Police Prefecture Launches Dedicated Traffic Accident Service to Improve Road Safety

The Marrakech Police Prefecture inaugurated a Traffic Accident Service at the headquarters of the 14th police district in the Issil neighborhood of Marrakech on Sunday.

This service, the second of its kind in the city, was inaugurated during a ceremony attended by various officials including the governor of the Marrakech-Safi region, the Governor of Marrakech Prefecture Farid Chourak, and the Police Prefect of Marrakech Saïd Aloua, as well as members of the National Police (DGSN) in celebration of National Road Safety Day on February 18.

The establishment of this new, well-equipped service with ample human and logistical support is part of the DGSN’s efforts to implement a policy of community engagement and effective measures to reduce road accidents.

This initiative also aims to relieve the burden on the existing Traffic Accident Service, which covers a large territory, by increasing the speed of interventions on the ground and improving the efficiency and responsiveness of the service within legal timeframes.

In addition to its enforcement role, the Traffic Accident Service plays a crucial role in raising awareness among highway users through interfaces with civil society organizations and professional public transport associations. It also carries out technical tasks such as identifying geographical areas of concern within its jurisdiction and recommending infrastructure and signage improvements.

Chief Police Commissioner and Head of Traffic Accidents Service in Guelliz, Mohamed Seraj Al Andaouloussi, told MAP that the ultimate goal of this new service is to serve citizens by expediting interventions, issuing reports within legal deadlines, and reducing the workload on the existing service, which serves a sizeable population of 90,000 citizens.

The traffic brigade members also play a significant role in prevention through campaigns conducted on public roads by identifying violations, ensuring strict adherence to traffic codes, and raising awareness among road users, explained Al Andaloussi, who also emphasized the significant number of motorcyclists in the city of Marrakech who remain the least protected category. Therefore, the public awareness campaign carried out for this purpose is of utmost importance

Chief Peace Officer and Head of the Command and Coordination Service at the Marrakech Police Prefecture, Khalid Rafik, noted that in line with the DGSN strategy, through the establishment of a new service dedicated to traffic accidents to effectively address this issue, the Command and Coordination service significantly contributes to this noble effort.

As part of the awareness and consciousness campaign called “Safe Moto,” launched within the “Marrakech, Capital of Road Safety” strategy, the number of motorcycles checked during the period from February 12-16 was 29,727, including 4,005 in the Medina-Guelliz police district, 3,367 in Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, 4,809 in Menara, 4,504 in Mhamid, and 3,745 in the old medina, according to data from the Marrakech police prefecture.

The number of mopeds fined during the same period totaled 15,163, including 2,050 in Guelliz-Medina, 1,609 in Sidi Youssef Ben Ali, 2,057 in Menara, 2,176 in Mhamid, and 1,897 in the old medina. The number of motorcycles seized and impounded at the municipal pound totaled 1,872.