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Rabat: Ten Thousand March in Solidarity with Palestinians

Thousands of Moroccan protesters marched down Mohammed V Avenue, the focal point of the capital city, Rabat, on Sunday in a massive demonstration, reaffirming their support for the Palestinian people and demanding an immediate ceasefire as the conflict between Israel and Hamas entered its fifth month.

The demonstrators, exceeding 10,000 in number, marched through the city center, shouting the message, “Stop the genocide war in Gaza” and chanting slogans honoring the resistance of the Palestinian people.

Banners with anti-Israeli offensive messages were prominently displayed in front of the Parliament.

The protesters expressed their concerns about the ongoing war, urging swift humanitarian assistance in addition to the immediate cessation of hostilities.

Morocco has condemned Israel’s actions and civilian reprisals–particularly those targeting women, the elderly, and children–as flagrant violations of international and humanitarian law. Morocco also denounced the bombing of hospitals and other safe spaces.

The Kingdom–which resumed relations with Israel in 2020 as part of the Abraham Accords mediated by the U.S.–has always advocated for a two-state solution and stresses the importance of peace and the safety of all citizens, regardless of origin.

The Health Ministry of Hamas reported on Sunday a new toll of 28,340 martyrs and 67,984 wounded in Gaza since the beginning of the conflict on October 7.