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Algeria Prevents U.S. Military Aircraft from Passing Through its Airspace

Algeria, inexplicably, has kept a U.S. military aircraft Boeing C17-A Globemaster III from crossing its airspace while on a normal daily mission between Rota, Spain, and its eventual destination in the Middle East.

The itinerary was stifled when the password used–“Joshua Harris”–was not accepted during communications between the Algerian surveillance towers and the plane’s crew, reported La Razón on Sunday.

This move is part of the various episodes of tension that have been experienced throughout the East since the chaos and war took hold of the Gaza Strip. However, what was strange is that this route has been flown with regularity since October 7 with no similar repercussions having unfolded.

Algeria prevented the plane from using its airspace, according to information derived from ACARS messages, which are sent between aircraft and control towers.

The Boeing C17-A Globemaster is a long-range heavy military transport aircraft. Initially developed by McDonnell Douglas for the US Air Force (USAF), it is now manufactured by Boeing Integrated Defense Systems following the merger of the two companies.

This aircraft is best known for its versatility in transporting troops and equipment. It is used for tactical transport, medical evacuation, and parachute deployment missions, and can even refuel operational bases in flight.

In addition, this particular model is outfitted with the capacity to supply operational bases and potential sites of military engagement with munitions on a permanent basis.