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Morocco to Hold 93rd Interpol Gen. Assembly in Marrakech

The Kingdom of Morocco will host the 93rd session of the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) General Assembly in Marrakech in 2025. The organization announced the decision after 196 member states renewed their vote of confidence in Morocco and its security institutions on Friday during the current session of Interpol held in Vienna.

The heads of departments and law enforcement agencies from member states convene periodically in the General Assembly, which is the highest administrative and reporting body within Interpol. Its purpose is to evaluate global security challenges, examine new criminal trends, and explore cooperative solutions.

Director-General of National Police and Territorial Surveillance Abdellatif Hammouchi reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to bolstering international efforts to combat terrorism and various forms of transnational crime, as he thanked those who had supported hosting the 93rd session of the Interpol General Assembly in Marrakech.

The session screened a documentary supporting Morocco’s bid to host the international security forum, which highlighted the significant advancements made by the Kingdom of Morocco at the direction of King Mohammed VI. It also showcased how Moroccan security services have evolved and become more advanced, placing them at the forefront of international security cooperation.

Representatives of member states and pertinent regional and international organizations applauded Morocco’s bid to host the ninety-third session of the Interpol General Assembly, citing it as a secure nation and a serious and dependable partner in global efforts to promote security and stability.

The organization’s decision is a vote of confidence in Morocco’s security institutions, which have gained significant experience and skill in combating organized crime and terrorism and are currently available to all Interpol member states.