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Stakeholders Invited to Comment by Email on Morocco’s Family Law Reform

The body in charge of revising Morocco’s Family Law has announced an official email address, [email protected], for institutions, associations, political and trade organizations, and other concerned parties to submit comments, proposals, and ideas for the ongoing reform of Morocco’s Family Code.

This email address is part of a stakeholder participatory approach directed by Royal Letter to the head of the government regarding the process for revising the Family Law.

The email address will also receive suggestions from associations and constitutional institutions that participated in the hearing sessions organized by the body in recent weeks.

These institutions are recognized for their advocacy on the application of the provisions of the Family Law, according to a statement released by the body.

The written contributions received through the email address, along with notes from the hearing sessions and suggestions presented, will be the basis on which the body will work.

The body aims to expand participation in this project to other entities that cannot attend the meetings by making this communication tool available to relevant stakeholders.

The body has also announced that it will make an electronic website available to the public, containing the data, documents, photos, and statements it has published, to allow for regular monitoring of its work.