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Overnight Stays in Marrakech Increase Dramatically by 61%, Despite Sept. Quake

Despite the deadly earthquake that rocked the red city in early September, tourist bed-nights in Marrakech increased by 61% over 2022, and by 27% in the month of October alone, according to Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism in a statement following an article on tourism in Marrakech published on Friday.

In October, the key outgoing markets for Marrakech increased, most notably France (+46%), the United Kingdom (+59%), and Spain (+56%), which together accounted for more than 45% of all overnight stays in Marrakech.

This trend also applied to the American market, where overnight stays by US visitors were 72% higher at the end of October than in 2022, the Ministry said. While this market slowed in October (+4% compared to 2022), it only accounts for 3% of total overnight stays in Marrakech, so has only a limited impact on the destination.

The Red City hosted the Institute of International Finance’s Annual Membership Meeting (AMM) from October 12 to 14, as well as the Annual Meeting of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund from Oct 9-15.

Marrakech’s cultural richness, scenic beauty, hospitality infrastructure, favorable climate, accessibility, and government support combined make it top on the list of tourism destinations in the Kingdom.