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Morocco Loses Journalism Icon Mohamed Ben Dadouch

Former Moroccan radio director Mohamed Ben Dadouch passed away today in Rabat at the age of 94, after a long history of philanthropic endeavors.

Ben Dadouch was born in 1929 in the Algerian city of Tlemcen. He served for many years as a journalist during the reign of three successive Moroccan monarchs.

He studied at the University of Qarawiyyin in Fes and joined Moroccan broadcasting in 1952, where he began his career in national radio translating the news from French into Arabic.

In 1974, he became Director of National Radio and maintained that title until 1986, while serving concurrently as Information Advisor in the Office of the Secretary-General of the Organization of the Islamic Conference.

Upon becoming a columnist for several Moroccan newspapers, the writer received numerous national and international accolades.

Ben Dadouch documented the major political events and transformations that have defined the country’s history over the past 60 years in a book entitled, “The Journey of My Life with the Microphone.”

He was known for his warm voice reaching millions of listeners via the “microphone” broadcast for half a century, in which he witnessed the course of events that hitherto remained unknown to a wide cross-section of younger generations.

The late journalist chose to convey his views and impressions from a unique perspective as he experienced prominent events throughout the Kingdom’s history, such as the return of Mohammed V from exile, the coup d ‘état on Hassan II, and the Green March.