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Morocco Extradites Interpol “Red Notice” Fugitive Back to China

Thanks in large part to the recent implementation of a bilateral extradition treaty between China and Morocco, the latter sent a suspect wanted for financial crimes—an individual with the surname Luo—back to China on Saturday. This marks the first case in which this action was exercised under the 2021 treaty.

Luo had escaped to Morocco after being accused of stealing millions of yuan, prompting an investigation in February 2020 and an Interpol Red Notice in July 2022, according to the Daily China newspaper on Sunday.

While working as a top financial officer for a corporation, Luo abused his position to acquire passwords for the company’s bank accounts, which obviously proved instrumental to his success. Then, without authority, he transferred millions of yuan from the firm’s accounts to his personal account, inflicting major losses to the company.

Following Luo’s arrest by Moroccan authorities in April, a court in late October approved his extradition, resulting in his return to China. Moroccan officials were vital in this extradition, thus demonstrating Morocco’s commitment to international cooperation in tackling transnational crime.

The swift determination of this case also provides a prime example of Morocco and China’s stronger collaboration as of late in law enforcement and with respect to the judiciary.