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Sahara: France Reiterates its ‘Historic, Clear and Constant’ Support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan

Following the United Nations Security Council’s decision to extend the mandate of the MINURSO mission in the Moroccan Sahara, France responded significantly by reaffirming its support for the Moroccan Autonomy Plan proposed by Morocco.

Nicolas de Rivière, France’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said he welcomed the Security Council’s decision and reiterated France’s commitment to a fair, permanent, and mutually agreeable political solution to the dispute.

“I recall France’s historic, clear and constant support for the Moroccan autonomy plan . . . [which] has been on the table since 2007,” he said. “Now it’s time to move forward.”

The official also backed the United Nations efforts and those of Stephan Di Mistura, the UN Secretary-General’s Personal Envoy, to resume the round table political discussions.

While de Rivière did not explicitly acknowledge Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara, his statements suggest France’s growing alignment with Morocco’s position.

During the UN Security Council meeting, other nations also weighed in, with the United States, the resolution’s sponsor, highlighting the urgency of achieving a sustainable political solution.

China and the United Arab Emirates expressed their support for a just and mutually acceptable political solution.

In contrast, Russia, among others, voiced concerns about the impartiality of the resolution and abstained from voting, advocating for direct negotiations between Morocco and the Polisario Front.