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Morocco Reiterates Before UN its Desire to Help Resolve Middle East Crisis

Morocco “wishes to coordinate with all partners” to end the current crisis in the Middle East, Morocco’s permanent ambassador to the UN Omar Hilale told the UN Security Council in New York at the Security Council’s rotating presidency meeting for October.

The ambassador offered a litany of reasons why Morocco is the right intermediary to get the job done. Citing the fact that the Kingdom of Morocco had chaired the Council of the League of Arab States’ special foreign ministers’ session on Oct. 11, just after the Israeli and Hamas war ignited anew, he stated that Resolution 8987 adopted at that meeting condemned the treatment of the Palestinian people, supported their right to remain on their lands, called on all parties to exercise restraint, and warned against any attempt to move the Palestinian people outside of their territories.

He also cited Morocco’s participation in the “Peace Summit,” which was held on October 21 in Cairo, noting that Morocco had demanded that tensions be de-escalated, that violence and military aggression be stopped, and that all civilians be protected and not singled out, in accordance with the rules of international law.

He included in his litany the directive this week from King Mohammed VI, President of the Al-Quds Committee, to provide immediate humanitarian relief to the Palestinian people that had resulted in two plane loads of emergency humanitarian supplies for the Palestinian people being delivered to El Arich airport in Egypt on Wednesday morning.

Finally, he reiterated Morocco’s unwavering support for the rights of the Palestinian people, and a two-state solution based on the 1967 borders, with East Al-Quds serving as its capital, coexisting peacefully and securely with Israel.

The ambassador asserted that to “maintain peace and stability and prevent the political conflict from turning into a religious conflict that could have grave repercussions for all sides,” any actions that alter the legal and historical status of the city of Al-Quds must stop. The city should be “a place of encounter and a symbol of coexistence for followers of the three monotheistic religions,” he said.