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Morocco’s FM: ‘Any Attack on Legitimate Rights of Palestinians Jeopardizes Peace in Region’

At an emergency meeting of Arab League foreign ministers chaired by Morocco in Cairo, Egypt, on Wednesday, the Arab Council of Ministers called for urgent international action to stop the war on the Gaza Strip.

Morocco’s Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita reaffirmed in no uncertain terms Morocco’s commitment to supporting efforts to cease the bloodshed and stop Israel’s escalating assault on Gaza. He asserted that the recent escalation cannot be separated from the ongoing systematic violations and unjust unilateral measures in Jerusalem and the occupied Palestinian territory and expressed concern about the targeting of civilians by any party to the conflict as a violation of international humanitarian law.

Bourita also decried the continuous aggressive incursions by Jewish extremists, emphasizing that the catastrophic situation raises questions about the Palestinian cause for the international community and the UN Security Council.

Bourita also called upon the international community to help the peace process, emphasizing the need to address urgent health and humanitarian needs in Gaza and other impacted Palestinian territories.

The top Moroccan diplomat asserted that violating the Palestinian people’s fundamental rights harms the possibilities for peace and stated that Morocco is ready to participate in any Arab and international endeavor aimed at satisfying the Palestinian people’s aspirations for an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Collectively, the Ministers condemned the killing and targeting of civilians on both sides and all acts contrary to international law and international humanitarian law. They also called for the release of civilians, prisoners, and detainees.

The ministers emphasized the need to lift the total blockade of the Gaza Strip and to allow the immediate entry of humanitarian assistance, food, and fuel. It called upon Israel to reverse its decision to cut off electricity and water to Gaza.

The ministers emphasized support for the Palestinian people’s right to remain on their land and warned against any attempts to displace them outside the territory and aggravate the refugee problem. They asserted that any displaced refugees’ right of return and right to compensation must be met.

The Ministers meeting concluded by calling for an immediate cease fire and a stop to Israel’s “war” on the Gaza Strip, warning of the catastrophic humanitarian and security repercussions, and the threat of expansion of violence to the security and stability of the region.

Now in its fifth day, the Israel-Hamas conflict has significantly escalated causing a devastating toll on both sides, with over 2,500 deaths in Gaza and Israel so far, according to AP.