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DGSN, CNDH Promote Respect for Human Rights Through Law Enforcement Personnel Training

Morocco’s National Police (DGSN) and the National Human Rights Council (CNDH) began training sessions on Monday in Rabat to develop the skills of police personnel in charge of protecting persons in custody in detention facilities.

As part of an institutional cooperation agreement signed on Sept. 14, 2022, CNDH and DGSN personnel are participating in training from Sept. 4 to 8 to inculcate respect for human rights in the performance of security duties. The agreement is intended to enhance human rights culture in police training by establishing standards for the execution of the duties of national security personnel in charge of law enforcement.

In a speech at the opening ceremony before the training, CNDH President, Amina Bouayach stated that the bilateral cooperation and consultation between CNDH and DGSN reflects Morocco’s commitment to implementing international standards and mechanisms relating to the prevention of torture and the preservation of citizens’ dignity, particularly by police officers in charge of law enforcement.

DGSN Central Director of Judicial Police Mohamed Dkhissi stated that the bilateral relationship is “strategic, operational, and pioneering in the Arab world and Africa in the fight against torture and its prevention.

Topics that will be covered during the training include “human rights: principles and practices,” “The Conventional Practice of the Kingdom of Morocco and its International Obligations,” “constitutional and legal provisions: Accords Principles and legislative consistency,” “the rights of persons in custody and their material conditions,” and “bodies governing prevention, control, and appeal.”

The two parties initiated their collaboration on September 20, 2022 with an international conference on the issue of “standards and practices in the prevention of torture during arrest, hearing, and detention.”

On September 26-30, 2022, CNDH and DGSN held their first training session for police officers in charge of custody in detention facilities under the supervision of DGSN, training 20 officers from various areas of the Kingdom.